As we approach summertime, many families are planning on leaving their hometown for weeks on end to spend time adventuring in their RVs.

RVs act as a home away from home. So naturally they would include a lot of electrical devices that you are used to having in your home.

A basic understanding of how the RV electrical system works is necessary in order that you feel comfortable spending lengthy amounts of time in your RV.

You won’t ever have access to unlimited electrical power so it is extremely important that you know how many electrical devices you can have going at one time. 

Most campgrounds are equipped with external 120-volt electrical sources that you can plug into which will help you power appliances like the microwave or the air conditioner. 

If you happen to not be around any campgrounds, you can still use electrical power; it simply less power (about a 12-volt system) and you won’t have access to all your appliances. 

This all seems a bit limited, though. By operating on this type of electricity system, you are boxing yourself in to settling at campground equipped with electrical outlets, and not being able to work with electricity while on the road.

Here is where WiGL comes in. Using a wireless power transmitter to power your RV is life-changing. The limits are entirely removed and you’ll be able to use your microwave while driving 60-mph. Sounds exhilarating.

We gave some innovative ideas involving camping which you can read about here. Although tent camping is very different from RV-ing, there are some power similarities that both entities face and that  WiGL can combat.

Working with batteries and having to be mindful of charging them can be quite the hassle. By taking advantage of WiGL, you can operate your 12-volt appliances wirelessly. You won’t ever have to worry that you didn’t charge your 12-volt again.

In your RV, the refrigerator can run on electric mode when connected to the 120-volt electrical source. When it is not connected, it is kicked out of electric mode and runs on lower power, “low battery mode” for lack of better words.

A WiGL power transmitter can give you enough wireless power that you will be able to run your refrigerator on electrical mode 24/7. No more worrying about the food you keep in the refrigerator — buy all you want and store it for your entire trip.

If you want to learn more about how WiGL can power your RV and make your summer escapades like nothing before, contact us!