Any time there’s a new technology developed, you have to expect that there will be a certain window of time required for implementation.

Even with a patent in place, getting a technology beyond proven theory into actual practice is a formidable process We know that at WigL, but we also know that some devices are going to be able to be outfitted with this technology a lot faster than you’d think.

Here are just a few of the existing devices that you use in daily life around the home that could be very easily and quickly outfitted with converters to connect with WigL power!


Power Tools

Have you ever been in middle of a project when your power drill whirred to a stop with a dead battery? Recharging it can be time consuming and slow down your workflow. Even the best power drill batteries don’t last much longer than an hour of running time. 

With a WigL receiver outfitted in place of a battery, your drill could have power sent to it wirelessly from the nearest WigL power transmitter. Your tools could keep working as long as you do!



At this point in time, TVs are almost exclusively tethered to the wall by their power cord. Although battery-powered TVs do exist, as a rule they have a maximum life of two hours.

With a wireless power receiver installed on your television, your entertainment center options expand. Not only could the TV be easily moved between rooms without concerns about where the outlets are, but you could even watch outside.


Light Fixtures

So you’ve been watching some HGTV and decided that you want to install a statement lighting piece in your dining room.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks. Even just paying an electrician to properly wire the light into the ceiling can cost $100. Your placement of lighting fixtures will also be depending on what wiring is already in place.

With discreet WigL power receivers snapped onto your lights, you can brighten up the room wherever you want. From ceiling light fixtures to floor lamps to seasonal Christmas lights, your decorative vision will be free from power cord constraints.


Kitchen Appliances

If you’re a regular cook, then you’ve probably run into the multi-tasking dilemma of too many appliances, not enough outlets. With increasingly specialized appliances (and homeowners spending more on them every year), a well-stocked kitchen needs more outlets than most older building companies installed.

Even just keeping the microwave plugged in means limiting your outlet options in your food prep space.

WigL could allow you limitless culinary power — quite literally. Receivers could be easily plugged into your mixers, blenders, toaster oven, microwave, electric knives and more to set you free from the outlet anchor. Never worry about blowing a breaker mid-dinner prep again!

If you’re interested in the technical nitty gritty behind the life-changing technology, contact us with your questions today!