The agricultural industry uses a lot of energy and power to operate, on average about 800 trillion BTUs in a year. This includes energy to grow and harvest planted crops, as well as support livestock. 

Lighting, refrigeration, ventilation systems, powering heavy machinery — even irrigation all require electric power to run efficiently.

Precision agriculture takes your average farming and kicks it up a notch, but executing precise tactics (hence the name).

This type of farming pieces together various technology-driven items such as GPS guidance, control systems, sensors, drones, GPS-based soil sampling, and different software in order to gain a more accurate farming practice

Imagine taking this to the next level. Constant surveillance and a constant influx of data could improve the efficiency, sustainability and financial situation of agriculture.

How is that possible? With WiGL’s wireless power solution. 

Using power like Wi-Fi, WiGL-enabled devices/systems receive power wirelessly, eliminating the need for fossil-fueled machinery, dangerous wires and costly electrical infrastructure.

American agriculture is responsible for approximately 14-18% of greenhouse gas emissions. Machinery, like tractors and plow machines, burn different types of fossil fuels which then results in hurting our Earth’s atmosphere. Agriculture requires production and production requires energy. There’s no way around that.

But what if, instead of burning through tons of fuel on a daily basis, farms chose to run on wirelessly transmitted power with WiGL?

Not only would efficiency increase for the agriculture industry; but the pollutants would decrease significantly.

The threat of overloaded refrigeration systems or generators is eliminated with WiGL-enabled devices — giving farmers peace of mind regarding the security of their crops and the fluidity of their processes.

And in rural environments which can often lack the infrastructure of urban areas, the ability to send plentiful power through towers or even satellites makes WiGL an essential partner to farmers.

Piqued your interest? Check out our whitepaper for an in-depth look at how WiGL’s wireless power works and contact us for more information.