There is a pervasive presence throughout this season of holiday festivities, an invisible accompaniment to everything from decorating to enjoying new gifts:

The need for power.

Anyone who has ever found themselves with a blown breaker from Christmas light overload has likely learned this all too well. But there are some subtler places where a need for power can disrupt your festivities as well. As you enjoy the holiday season, here are a few problems you might run into, and how WiGL’s wireless power model could solve them!


Family of Phones

We all know the trope: the family gathers around the table to share a meal, but the vast majority of them are on their phones.

Whatever could be said about healthy relationships to our devices, the reality is that if you have more people than usual in your house this time of year, you’ll also have a lot more smartphones.

This comes with the inevitable challenges of charging all of them. Outlets can be in high demand and short supply, and if a few guests forgot their charging cords, another level of complication is instantly added. Plus, different phones require different kinds of charging cords.

Good charging practices can be challenging enough to manage without the added complications of too few places to plug in.

WiGL wireless power transmitters solve the problem with their ability to broadcast power directly to smartphones, charging them on the go. Everyone’s phones could be actively charging while on the dinner table.


Christmas Decor

This is the obvious one: with the added strain of a few dozen strands of lights, indoors and outdoors, it can be difficult to distribute power correctly. Every year, about 170 home fires are started by Christmas trees alone, and nearly half of those fires are due to faulty or overloaded wiring. Another 800 fires per year are started by other decorations.

While not all of those fires are caused by electrical wiring, reducing the need to overload outlets or plug just one too many Christmas light strands in end-to-end would certainly save property — and lives.

WiGL could power your Christmas tree and yard ornaments wirelessly, with receivers affixed to your decorations.


Cooking Christmas Dinner

From crock pots to electric stovetops, powering your Christmas dinner involves a multitude of appliances. Any time this much electricity and heat is involved, there’s both hassle and the very real risk of electric shock.

Even with a prominent pop culture crock pot fire via This Is Us earlier this year, fires from the appliance are not that frequent of an occurrence.

But overloading outloads and extension cords certainly increases the risk.

WiGL could fit each of your kitchen essentials with a power receiver, allowing for more even distribution. If you’ve ever had to worry about timing all of your holiday dish preparations exactly right so that you’re not using too many appliances at once, WiGL could make that difficulty disappear!


Christmas Gifts

We’ve talked a little before about the challenge of getting new toys outfitted with batteries. As exciting as it might be for kids to open their shiny new toys Christmas morning, what follows is less exciting for the parents: assembly and finding the right battery size for a multitude of devices.

WiGL could ensure that you don’t need to interrupt your Christmas festivities digging through the battery drawer. Taking these costly necessities out of the picture will be kinder for the environment, and also for anyone tasked with getting new gifts working after all the unwrapping.

If you want to know more about how WiGL works, contact us with your questions!