Thirty years ago, the idea of a 24/7 wireless connection to the World Wide Web to send pictures, videos and mail “through the air” seemed impossible. Even more far-fetched was the thought of paying for that “air” connection. Today, persistent Internet access (primarily through Wi-Fi) is a critical part of our connected world, and most don’t think twice about paying for it.

On the move, people are unable to conduct their lives without a wireless connection – at home, school, and public places. When we lose Internet connectivity, it drastically affects productivity. But in our mobile device, battery-dependent world, power is an even more critical commodity. Connection is impossible with zero battery life or power source.

With a Wireless-electric Grid LAN – known as Wi-GLTM (“wiggle”), a revolutionary use of over-the-air wireless technologies presents the opportunity for a quantum shift at the individual, municipal, and global levels. Just as Wi-Fi sends information wirelessly, Wi-GLTM can provide wireless power and data to devices. With Wi-GLTM capability, people will demand wireless power like they do wireless data.

Wi-GLTM allows municipalities to create new revenue streams, improve safety, and make operations greener.

How A City Monetizes Wi-GLTM

With Wi-GLTM, cities will have the opportunity to use targeted, routed and encrypted power options to generate revenue. The same way consumers purchase Wi-Fi access at hotels, airports, and even on airplanes today, the City simply would sell Wi-GLTM to citizens. Instead of people searching for power outlets, convenient Wi-GLTM hubs provide a critical and convenient service to the public while simultaneously generating a new revenue stream. Imagine doubling or tripling annual revenue by providing City-owned access to Wi-GLTM at $12.95 per day!

Access points are only the beginning; Wi-GLTM technologies allow for a number of possibilities for new revenue-generating services, such as a municipal Internet utility, per-device surcharges, and more!

Operational/Safety Improvements

Since Wi-GLTM allows for constant wireless battery charging, first responders, public works employees and other City workers won’t have to worry about dead batteries in critical mobile communications devices, safety equipment, or cell phones. There’d be no need to find the right adapters at the most inopportune times.

Eliminating Wires/Batteries

With Wi-GLTM-enabled devices, the City can take positive steps toward being “green” by eliminating the need to buy, use or dispose of dangerous batteries. Wi-GLTM also eliminates power surges that come from overtaxed wires and removes the inconvenient tangling of cords associated with plug-in power. Fewer cords, batteries, and wires makes for a greener City.

Time to Act!

The technology is available now. It’s time for forward-thinking City leaders to take the next step by partnering in civic development of Wi-GLTM devices with qualified vendors. Outfit your city with Wi-GLTM for powerful results!